About Goin' Doodles Labradoodle Puppies

We specialize in F1b and Multigenerational labradoodles.  The puppies will be low to no shed and hypoallergenic. These adorable puppies will range from 40-60 pounds when full-grown.

The $500 Non-refundable deposit secures a puppy from the litter. When they are born, families are contacted with pictures being posted about once a week. At six weeks old, we host a meet and greet for the families to interact with the puppies.  


 All Puppies will receive all age-appropriate (first) vaccines, and dewormings prior to going to their new homes. They will also visit the vet at 7-8 weeks old for a general health check-up. 

F1b Labradoodles are $2500

F2b Labradoodles are $2800

F1bb Labradoodles are $2500

Multi-generation Labradoodles are $2800/

Double Doodles are $2500

Now accepting Venmo to reserve your puppy.


 Born Spring 2022 

Buddy & Lincy

Colors expected: Black and brown abstract

Size expected: between 50-65 pound full grown

Pick #1 - Reserved - female

Pick #2 - Reserved - unknown

Pick #3 - Reserved - female

Pick #4 - Reserved - female
Pick #5 -Reserved  - female

Pick #6  - Available -male

Pick #7  - Available - male

Buddy - The Stud
 This is Buddy. He is a wonderful F1b labradoodle (F1 means 75% poodle 25% lab.) . He is the funny and energetic type, but still sweet and loving. He is very sociable with both other dogs and humans. He weighs 75 pounds.

Lincy - The Dame
Lincy is a calm and adorable  She is smart and loves to explore. Lincy loves to play fetch with any ball. She is very friendly with all humans and fur friends.  She weighs 50 pounds. Lincy is a F1b labradoodle
(78% poodle 22% lab -Per her health testing)


 Born Winter 2022 

Gimmel & Willa

Colors expected: Black and brown abstract

Size expected: between 45-55 pound full grown

Pick #1 - Reserved - female

Pick #2 - Reserved - female

Pick #3 - Reserved - male

Pick #4 - Reserved - male
Pick #5 - Available - male  

Pick #6  - Available - male

Gimmel - The Stud
Owned by Abbeys Acres, Gimmel is one heck of a cutie!  He is very smart and loves his hoomans! We've used Gimmel in the past, he makes the most adorable puppies! He is one proud papa.
This handsome stud weighs in at 45 pounds.  



Willa - The Dam
Willa is sooo in love with her hoomans. She is very people motivated. She is a relaxed and soo cute.  She thinks shes a cat and jumpers higher than any dog I've known.
She weighs 55 pounds. Willa is a F1b labradoodle.

(75% poodle 25% lab -Per her health testing)